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Inaflows is an online studio that features Shape Up, Flow and Breathe/Meditate classes on demand. All of our classes can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. Inaflows is a complete and well-rounded wellness method of taking care of your body and mind. This blended method is great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. At Inaflows we believe an accent on consistency is key to sustaining success in your health and wellness journey. So grab your mats and jump IN A FLOW!



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Shape Up

Shape Up classes are a combination of yoga and pilates. They are fun, fast paced toning workouts that are based on "micro movements" and low impact on the spine and joints. Shape Up classes are considered to be a weight-bearing exercise, in which your body repeats movements that work against gravity. During Shape Up you tone and lean out the muscle tissue, practice low impact cardio, and burn lots of calories. It is an incredibly fun workout that preserves the mindfulness and physical elements of yoga.

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An active yoga practice in which the breath is linked to movement. Ujjayi Pranayama and a dynamic movement is associated with this particular style of yoga. Yoga is considered to be a weight-bearing exercise, in which your body repeats movements that work against gravity. Yoga is believed to help with digestion, breathing, increase bone density, better the mood and have many more positive effects on the body and the mind.

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In an ever busy and stressful environment that we live in today, we sometimes need to step away from our daily activities and unwind. Pranayama (breathing exercises) and  guided meditation will help you to balance both brain hemispheres, energy channels, the emotional state, the physical body and the mind. Take a quiet moment for yourself to de-stress, deeply relax, unburden the mind and find a sense of clarity. 

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